Ishan Garg

Ishan Garg, the Co-Founder and Director of IT & Marketing at Precision Merge, plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s technological endeavors. With a primary focus on Marketing and Business Development, Ishan is the driving force behind the exploration of strategic partnerships with companies and the expansion of business into new verticals. His technical expertise is instrumental in maximizing Precision Merge’s online presence across various digital platforms.

In the realm of IT, Ishan manages a spectrum of responsibilities, including overseeing the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions, ensuring the seamless functioning of IT infrastructure, and driving initiatives to enhance the company’s digital capabilities. His dynamic leadership and technical acumen position him as a key contributor to Precision Merge’s growth and success in the ever-evolving global HR landscape.

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh, the Co-Founder and Director of Operations and HR at Precision Merge, plays a pivotal role in steering the internal dynamics of the company. As a dedicated leader, Baldev oversees in-house recruitments, employee training programs, and the overall operational efficiency of the organization. His technical responsibilities encompass working on cutting-edge automation tools to facilitate the seamless management of global data for both companies and candidates.

With a keen focus on enhancing operational processes, Baldev ensures Precision Merge remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the global HR landscape. His commitment to fostering a productive work environment, coupled with his technical acumen, underscores Precision Merge’s dedication to excellence in the realm of operations and HR.

About Us

We’re really good at finding the right people for the job.
Precision Merge helps companies find and manage talented workers, and we help job seekers find great jobs in different fields like accounting, education, engineering, government, manufacturing, technology, and more.

We’ve become experts in various areas and markets. With connections all around the world, we link over 30,000+ people with jobs every year. Our goal is to make sure companies have the right people when and where they need them.


Precision Merge aims to be the top HR services provider globally, aspiring to be the most valued companion in people's working lives. The goal is to help as many individuals as possible unlock their full potential throughout their careers.


Core Values

The core values, which were set in the early days of the company, shape our conduct and form the basis of our culture. These values assist us in evolving, expanding, and enhancing our service to clients, candidates, and other stakeholders.

Core Values


Precision Merge plays a role in society by aiding individuals and organizations in unlocking their genuine potential.


Our history

Established in 2017, Precision Merge quickly rose as a global recruitment powerhouse from its Indian roots. Pioneering innovative manpower solutions, the company has partnered with industry giants like Teleperformance, eClerx, TaskUs, Just Dial, L&T Finance, iEnergizer, and more.

From a client-centric approach to embracing cutting-edge technology, Precision Merge has evolved into a trusted partner, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity worldwide. Committed to integrity and excellence, the company continues to redefine recruitment for the future.